ACS is a Customs electronic systems to allow the system participant to transmit & received data electronically from Customs, part of the system called ACE can controls import merchandise from the time a carrier’s cargo manifest is electronically transmitted to Customs until control is provided to another segment of the ACS.

Ad Valorem Duty

Duty imposed on imported merchandise based on a percentage of the value.


Antidumping duty- additional punitive duties applied on a product which found by the International Trade Commission to be sold at less than fair market value to consumer in the US.

Air Waybill

An AWB means bill of lading which covers both domestic and international flights transporting goods to a specified destination. Technically, it is a non-negotiable instrument of air transport which serves as a receipt for the shipper, indicating that the carrier has accepted the goods listed therein and obligates itself to carry the consignment to the airport of destination according to specified conditions. Normally AWB refers to the Air Waybill issued by carrying airlines and also called Master Air Waybill (MAWB) which comes with three digits of numeric airline identification codes issued by IATA to non-U.S. based airlines and Air Transport Association of America to U.S. based airlines. However, air freight forwarders also issue HAWB (House Air Waybill) to their customers for each of the shipments.

Arrival Notice

Arrival Notice is a notice used to notify the consignee on the arrival of the cargo, it usually issued by steamship lines and can also be served as the freight bill.

Assist Cost

Some specified charges provided by the US importer to the foreign supplier at free of charge or at a reduced fee that only use in the production of the products.

Automated Broker Interface

ABI is a part of Customs' Automated Commercial System. That module is responsible on allow data can be transmitted & received according to merchandise being imported into the United States. Qualified participants include brokers, importers, carriers, port authorities, and independent data processing companies referred to as service centers.

Automated Clearinghouse

The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), one of the features of the Automated Broker Interface, which is a part of Customs' Automated Commercial System. The ACH combines elements of bank lock box arrangements with electronic funds transfer services to replace cash or check for payment of estimated duties, taxes, and fees on imported merchandise.

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